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Cervical Screening Week 2022

20 June 2022

Booking your appointment

If you feel uncomfortable in waiting rooms, you may want to ask to book the first appointment of the day. This can mean it is quieter and there is less time for you to wait. Having more time before, during or after cervical screening can help people take in information about the test and process everything that happens.

Ask for a particular gender of a nurse or doctor

You may feel more comfortable knowing that a female or male nurse will be doing your cervical screening. If you have a nurse or doctor you trust, you may want to check with your GP surgery if they are able to do it. 

Talk to your nurse or doctor

If it is your first cervical screening, you feel embarrassed or worried, you have had a bad experience before, or you have experienced anything that makes the test hard for you, telling the person doing the test means they can try to give you the right support, if you think you may forget write your concerns down.

Taking someone you with you

During the coronavirus pandemic clinics and surgeries had to limit the number of people in the surgery, to help protect against coronavirus.  if it would help or you need assistance, it is worth asking if someone can come with you. A friend, family member, partner, or someone else. They can be in the waiting room or examination room with you to offer support. If you come to the appointment yourselves, check if a member of staff can be with for support. This person is called a chaperone.

We know that cervical screening isn't easy for everyone. If you are worried about the test or know you find it hard, we are here to support you with questions or by talking things through on 0300 123 5474, for more information on Smear tests (cervical screening) please click on link below  

More information about Cervical Screening Awareness Week and information about cervical cancer and cervical screening itself can be found on the Jo’s Trust website