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My Personal Health Checklist – following treatment.


If you have received treatment for Chlamydia from our service following a Positive test result , it is important to remain free of infection and do everything you can to stay safe and protected.

Please use this personal checklist to help you feel sure that treatment has been successful.

  • I have taken my medication correctly

(if you have vomited within 2 hours of your dose, you will need more treatment)

  • I am sure my current partner has received treatment

(if your partner is untreated you are at risk of re-infection)

  • I have told recent past partner(s)

(you can ask clinic staff to do this to keep your details anonymous)

  • I am happy that I am no longer at risk of infection

(if sexual contact has happened with 7 days of yours or your partners' treatment, you could still be at risk)

  • I feel I know more about how I can prevent future STI’s and where and how I can access free condoms to help protect me


 Remember: You are responsible for your own health. If you are worried that treatment has not been successful or have any questions you should seek advice by calling the clinic advice line on: 0300 123 5474 open 8-5pm Mon – Fri.


Thank you



Last updated: 29/01/2021