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National Chlamydia Screening Programme

All Wirral GPs and many healthcare & educational settings are part of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP) and will offer chlamydia screening to all 15-24 year olds accessing their service

Offering a Chlamydia test should be easy and straight forward and most young people are open to being tested, especially if they are attending for an associated symptom or concern.

Requesting chlamydia test consumables 

Sexual Health Wirral oversees the NCSP throughout Wirral.

We supply testing consumables and test request forms and manage all test results when requested on an NCW test form.

To request free chlamydia test consumables for your service  (forms, swabs and pipettes) contact our team on 00300 123 5474 or email

All Wirral chlamydia tests must be sent on an NCW form. All patients will be contacted by our team with their test results and treatment offered to anybody testing positive. Their partner(s) will also be offered treatment.

Test request form checklist

The following information must be captured:

  • patient’s name
  • patients postcode
  • mobile number - remember to tick this text box if your patient wishes to be contacted via text message

Dual test

The chlamydia test is a dual test so remember to tick GC test on the form, as this allows us to screen for gonorrhoea on the same sample at no extra cost. Also remember to add the sample type and date taken on the request form.

Important: Please place an NCW label on the specimen container (swab or urine) and fill in your patient’s date of birth. The laboratory has a rejection policy and will not test any samples that are not labelled.

Each GP surgery in Wirral and clinical testing site has a unique ‘site ID’ code which must be stated on the request form to ensure a copy of the test result is received back to the test imitator. This also enables us to measure activity of testing at each location.


Last updated: 20/12/2022