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Emergency anti-HIV medication called post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) may stop you becoming infected with HIV.  

If you’ve had unprotected sex - sex without a condom or you have used a condom and it split - with somebody who you think might be HIV positive within the last 72 hours you may be able to avoid infection by taking PEPSE. This medicine must be taken within 72 hours of the potential contact with HIV to be effective.

Starting PEP as soon as possible is recommended. The earlier PEP can be given the better, do not leave it until the 72 hours is up or nearly up.

If our clinic at St Catherine’s Health Centre is open please attend immediately for an emergency slot. You will be given advice about whether to start PEP. At certain times our staff may direct you to A&E. Please note PEP is not available at Brook or the sexual health clinics at Eastham, Victoria Central Hospital.

If the St Catherine’s clinic is closed, or you would prefer, please attend your nearest A&E department as soon as possible and within the 72 hour window for PEP. If you are a Wirral resident then this would be Arrowe Park Hospital, Upton, CH49 5PE.

A&E may provide you with an initial PEP starter pack. You will then need to contact our service to arrange a follow up appointment - this will include further assessment and if appropriate more medication and monitoring. To book your follow up appointment you will need to call the team on 0300 123 5474 and inform them about the need to continue PEP.

Last updated: 01/11/2023