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Preventing HIV/ PrEP

The best way to prevent HIV is to use a condom for sex and to never share needles or other injecting equipment (including syringes, spoons and swabs). Knowing your HIV status and that of your partner is also important.

People living with HIV who have been undetectable on antiretroviral treatment for 6 months or more are not at risk of transmitting HIV to their sexual partners (U=U, Undetectable = Untransmittable).

If you're HIV negative, you may be able to take HIV prevention medication called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to reduce your risk of acquiring the virus. PrEP is available for some people who are at high risk of HIV infection – for example, those whose partner is HIV positive, but not yet undetectable on treatment.


PrEP Facts 

  • PrEP is a pill which can prevent HIV
  • PrEP is a form of medicine which prevents HIV
  • Some people take PrEP every day
  • PrEP is a preventative treatment for those who are HIV negative
  • PrEP protects against HIV
  • PrEP can prevent HIV


Following the recent PrEP IMPACT Trial, PrEP medication is now available via the NHS for free.


PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is an effective way of preventing HIV infections. There are two drugs used for PrEP which are co-formulated in a single pill.

If you live in Wirral and are interested in taking PrEP please book an appointment at our clinic by calling 0300 123 5474. We will assign you to our doctors list so that they can assess your suitability and discuss what regime is best for you.

You should not self-source and start PrEP without first speaking to a doctor because you will need an assessment and testing to ensure it is safe for you to start PrEP. You will also need regular monitoring whilst taking PrEP.

This latest leaflet is really informative about PrEP  - UK Guide to PrEP (2021)

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Last updated: 01/11/2023