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Your confidentiality

It’s very important to us that you are confident in accessing and using our services.

To help us help you and provide the best advice, care & support possible we will require you to provide us with personal information about yourself and about your visit when you register to use our clinics or self care options.

When you provide your information via our online booking system or over the telephone we will record this on a secure NHS Electronic Patient Database which is only accessed by our staff.

All of our staff follow strict information governance and patient confidentiality guidelines.

Without your permission we will not:

  • Write to your GP about the care/treatment you have received
  • Refer you to other specialist services
  • Share your information

The only time we may need to discuss you or any of your test results with a GP or healthcare professional is if we:

  • Are unable to contact you by your chosen method of communication
  • Feel there is harm to you or somebody else. This is to help protect your health