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GP Services in the Community

We work in close partnership with a range of Wirral GP surgeries to provide specialised methods of contraception at community based locations.

If you require long acting reversible contraception (LARC) such as a coil (IUD/IUS) or an implant for contraceptive purposes, our partner GP surgeries may be able to offer this procedure from their own premises by their own qualified and trained staff.

This means it may not always be necessary to come to one of our clinics if your registered GP or a surgery more convenient to you is linked with our extended LARC services. This includes insertion, removal or replacement services. It is important to note that some surgeries may offer implants and coils , and some may offer just implants/ and or coils.   It is always best to check the individual surgery website or telephone them to check. Their contact details can be found from the list we provide.  

This ensures women have choice in where they attend. Also having a range of different locations gives flexibility in times and days too so there should always be an appointment that suits you.

Waiting times can differ also, some GP surgeries may be able to see you quicker than we can at our clinics.


The list details the surgeries we work with to offer this to local women.

*you must live in Wirral and be registered with a Wirral GP.

Please contact the surgery directly to enquire / book in, if you are not registered at the particular practice that suits you best the surgery may want to provide a telephone consultation with you first to assess that you are suitable for your chosen LARC method before inviting you in for a face to face appointment.


Last updated: 18/05/2023