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Postal Kit

We understand that you may not want to come into one of our clinics for an STI test.

Our postal STI test kits are free and available to anyone living in Wirral, aged 16 or over. The test kits have different options that can help you test for a number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) - you choose which kit is right for you.

All test kits will discreetly arrive through your letter box in a plain wrapped box.


They are packed at the laboratory and have everything you need to do your STI test safely and effectively.

We usually advise you take your STI test and send your sample back as soon as possible. You will see an expiry date on the specimen tube - after this date the test kit is no longer valid.

After receiving your sample we will text you your test results within 7 days to the telephone number you provided. 

STI window periods - helping you know when is best to get tested

The window period is the time between when a person comes in contact with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and when the STI will show up on a test.

It is important to consider the window period when getting tested. Tests done too early may not be accurate. The time will vary from a few days to six months depending on the infection and the test. You can pass on an STI during the window period.

Find out the window periods for different STIs to help you know when you need to get tested.

Requesting your test kit

When you request your test kit we’ll ask you some questions. This will help to:

  • register yourself in our online system
  • send the test kit out to the correct person
  • match your returned sample and test result to the dispatched test kit (each kit has a reference number)

Many of the registration questions we ask online are mandatory; if you don't wish to provide this information online we recommend you attend one of our clinics for your test. For more information please read our Privacy Policy. 

Postal test kits are usually recommended for those people who aren't having symptoms. If you are experiencing any of the following we recommend you come into clinic:

  • pain/burning
  • discharge
  • something feels unusual

Having regular STI check-ups is really sensible at any age, especially if you have changed your partner. Lots of infections can lay undetected and have no symptoms, so regular testing is key to looking after your sexual health and wellbeing.

Which kit is best for me?

This depends on many factors, including who you have sex with and the type of sex you have.

If you've never had a HIV test it's a good idea to check your HIV status or maybe you feel at higher risk of some infections. Whatever the reason for your test, you can choose which test kit is right for you

It’s important to know that all of the test kits are easy to use and include step-by-step instructions of how to take:

  • self-taken vaginal swabs
  • urine samples
  • self-taken blood samples

Feedback from patients who have used our kits is really positive.

Choose your test

To help you choose your test take a look at 'Which STI test kit is right for me?'

Aged 16 and under? STI testing is available from any of our clinics.

Ready to request your test kit now - click here. 






Last updated: 11/02/2021