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Gender and sexual diversities

There are a lot of acronyms and words used to describe people’s gender and sexuality. Within a lot of these definitions there are also subgroups that have their own language and culture.

Below is a brief explanation of the most popular ones used:

  • Androgynous - a person who has the characteristics or nature of both male and female. Can also be called non-binary
  • Asexual – a person who has no sexual attraction to any gender
  • Bisexual - people who are sexually attracted to both sexes
  • BDSM - bondage discipline (BD) dominance & submission (DS) sadism & masochism (SM)
  • Dogging - people meet in designated areas to watch each other have sex
  • Genderqueer - a person who feels that their gender identity does not fit into socially constructed norms associated with their biological gender
  • Hetrosexual - people who are attracted to the opposite sex
  • Homosexual - a man who is attracted to other men only
  • Intersex - person born with both male and female genitalia (full or partial)
  • Lesbian - women who are sexually attracted to women
  • LGBT - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender
  • MSM - a man who has sexual contact with other men, but may not class himself as gay or homosexual
  • Open relationship - there is a primary relationship, however one or both have sexual relationships with other people with the consent of the other primary partner
  • Pansexual - an attraction towards persons of all gender identities and biological sexes
  • Polyamorous (Polyamory) - the state of having multiple romantic and sexual relationships at the same time with the consent of all partners involved
  • Polygender - a person who has multiple genders which can fluctuate or be simultaneously present
  • Swinging - a couple together who seek other couples or individuals to join them for sex
  • Trans (trannie) - an umbrella term used for people who present as either transgender or transvestite
  • Transfemale (MTF) - a biologically born male who feels that they are born the wrong sex and should be female
  • Transmale (FTM) - a biologically born female who feels that they are born the wrong sex and should be male
  • Transsexual - a person who feels that they were born the ‘wrong’ sex and who identifies with and would like to be accepted as a member of the opposite sex
  • Transvestite or cross dresser - a person who likes to dress in the clothes usually associated with someone of the opposite gender, such as a man liking to wear women’s clothes or a woman dressing as a man. Also known as a cross dresser