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STI Postal Test Kit Results

STI Postal Test Kits Results 

Test results  - communication with you if you choose a postal test kit.

If you have had a test via our SH:24 postal platform your test results will come from SH:24 via text message. This will be within a few days of your sample being received at the laboratory for testing.

If your text tells you all results were negative you do not need to do anything , may be just consider a further test if you change your sexual partner or feel you have taken a more recent risk.

If your SH:24 postal kit sample tests positive for Chlamydia only (the most common STI) they will contact you to offer you some treatment via post following an online assessment  - this will be antibiotics .  This service will also collect some details from you about sexual partners to see if there is anybody else we need to test and treat with medication.

If you don’t want to receive medication by post and prefer to come to a Sexual Health Wirral  clinic alone or with your partner we can arrange this also.

Any other positive test results (non Chlamydia) will mean attending an  appointment at one of our clinics so we can take a further test to confirm your result and arrange the right management for you and any sexual partners.

It’s important to remember, that this guidance applies to SH:24 postal test kits only . If you are tested in clinic or at a Wirral venue (Sexual Health Wirral clinic, GP, Brook, school, antenatal clinic, outreach)  you will be contacted by our team from Gemini Centre, either by text message or phone call, depending on your test results.


Last updated: 01/11/2023