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Your information when taking a test

If you take a test at one of our clinic venues, out in a community session (outreach) , at an alternative health location ie) your GP, Antenatal clinic, school nurse , or using one of our postal test kits from home it is important that you provide correct, current and up to date information on the test forms or online request forms.  This is so we can contact you with the test result or if we need to speak to you about your sample. Sometimes we may need to ask you for a repeat sample if your swab test, bloods or urine are not able to be tested at the laboratory so providing us with your correct and current mobile number is really important.


When you complete the test form with your details (or your doctor/nurse may do this with you if you are attending a clinic) we will ask for your full name as registered with your GP so we can locate your NHS number, your date of birth and your contact details so that we can send your test results to you. This is usually a mobile number so we can text your phone as this is easy and quick to do. We send negative test results via text message so we don't need to speak to you.  Sometimes we have to ring you to discuss your sample but we will check you are in an environment where you can talk first and we will always check your identification before any conversations.

Your test results are shared with us and with the service who took the test ie) if you had your test at your GP they will get a copy for their file.


If you had your test via postal kit or at one of our clinics we do not inform your GP.

All of your details are kept securely on our system and we do not share these with anybody else -  unless we are concerned for your safety or wellbeing.

It is important to know that if  you have a positive test result and we are unable to reach you on the number you have provided at the time of your test , we will sometimes involve other health professionals to help us reach you ie) your GP . This is so we can make sure you know about your test result and we can arrange the care and support you need. 



Last updated: 16/06/2023