Working together

We work very closely with a number of local and national partners.

Partnership working is key to our service and helps us to:

  • signpost our patients to other health and wellbeing services across Wirral
  • promote our services to a wide audience of ages , ethnicities, sexualities and genders
  • provide sexual health messages, education and materials at a variety of events
  • offer sexual health screenings to people who may not directly access our clinics
  • educate and mentor our Wirral colleagues about the importance of positive sexual health
  • connect with other health professionals and community based services to gain a wider knowledge of other health interventions

We meet regularly with local agencies and organisations to ensure contraception and sexual health services work well together and meet the needs of people living in Wirral.

Our partners include: drug and alcohol teams, homelessness projects, LGBTQ+ communities, schools and education, youth groups, BME communities, groups working with people with additional needs, third sector and voluntary groups, hard to reach groups, police, health professionals (pharmacies, GPs, midwives).