Alcohol & substance misuse

Drinking, taking drugs and having sex

After drinking or taking drugs you may feel less cautious about having sex or choosing who to have sex with. Drinking or taking drugs may make you feel less nervous or anxious, but this could lead to unexpected consequences.

You may be more likely to do something you wouldn’t normally do, you maybe less likely to think about using a condom and risk catching an STI. Drinking alcohol if you are using the pill, may mean you are more likely to forget to take it, and vomiting can also affect how well oral contraception will work.

Not being fully aware of yourself or your surroundings due to drinking or using drugs could also mean you could put your own safety at risk, and make you more vulnerable.

How we can help…

If you, or someone you know has taken a risk with their sexual health we can help. 

You can either attend one of our appointment or walk-in and wait clinics at venues across Wirral. Or, you may want advice over the telephone via a telephone consultation so we can advise you on what is best to do before coming into clinic. 

Local help and support – alcohol, drug addiction & abuse

If you, or someone you know is having problems with drug and/or alcohol misuse Response can provide help and support. Response offers a wide range of support for young people, aged 13 - 19, including drugs & alcohol, counselling, housing and lifestyle support. To contact the team call 0151 666 4123 or email