Vaginal thrush

Vaginal thrush is caused by a yeast infection.  It is not sexually transmitted.  Thrush is very common and most people with a vagina will have an episode at some point in their lifetime.


Symptoms include itch and soreness affecting the vulva and vagina, vaginal discharge which can be thick like ‘cottage cheese’ and a burning feeling in the vagina during sex.

Testing and treatment

You can usually treat mild thrush with medication from your local pharmacy.

If you are not sure if your symptoms are thrush, if you have self-treated at the pharmacy and still have symptoms, or you seem to have thrush frequently, you can:

  • contact us via phone: 0300 123 5474


If you have problems with recurrent thrush it can be helpful to avoid washing with anything irritant or perfumed and to use a soap substitute (emollient) instead.

More information

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