My Personal Health Checklist – following treatment for Gonorrhoea

If you have received treatment for Gonorrhoea following a positive test result, it is important to remain free of infection and do everything you can to stay safe and protected.

Please use this personal checklist to help you feel sure that treatment has been successful.


  • I have attended clinic for my treatment


  • I am sure my partner has received treatmentIf your partner is untreated, you are at high risk of reinfection. You should abstain from sexual intercourse until seven days after you and your partner(s) have completed treatment.  


  • I have told recent past partner(s): If you don't feel you want to do this you can ask our clinic staff to do this on your behalf. We will keep your details anonymous. It's the right thing to do as they may not know they are at risk and could be passing the infection on to others.



  • We recommend that you do a test of cure two weeks following your gonorrhoea treatment: This is to make sure the infection has cleared.


  • You can do this by calling for an appointment: 0300 123 5474 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday





If you are worried that treatment has not been successful, or you have any questions please call our advice line on 0300 123 5474 open 9-5pm Mon – Friday and ask to speak to a health adviser in the team. 

Thank you